Saturday, March 23, 2013

"At 26 degrees, it was freakin' cold," said Bob, "but we caught fish"

Andy shows off one of the crappies
Bob Lunsford said, "On a frigid (and I mean freakin' cold) 26-degree morning we launched at Smallwood State Park and proceeded up the Mattawoman Creek, seeking shelter from the wind. My Ranger boat carried us to the farthest reaches of the creek, but is wasn't until we found an area where the water was a couple of degrees warmer than the rest of the creek that the fish turned on for us."

"The water temperature had dropped 9 degrees since Wednesday, and most of the fish had disappeared."

Then Bob waxed poetic and began to sing the praises of
Bob Lunsford (low-tide banks behind him) and a bass
his partner, the professional bass fishing guide Andy Andrzejewski. He said, “With great skill, my friend, the guide, managed to get us on some fish. Bluegills, crappies, yellow perch and largemouth bass – all visited our deck.”

Meanwhile, Andy's boat is in the shop and since I know him pretty well, I'll wager that he's getting grumpier by the day until his Triton is returned to him.

One of Andy's largemouths
Bob didn't mention what types of lures they used, but as far as Andy is concerned, there'll be a couple of rods outfitted with Mann's Sting Ray grubs in avocado color on the line. Depending on the water depth, the jig hooks can range from as little as 1/8 and 1/4 ounce to 3/8 ounce, even more in very deep water. And don't forget the Smelly Jelly. Andy and Bob wouldn't leave home without a couple of jars.

My personal favorite Smelly Jelly flavor is the Pro Guide Formula Elite 3 XXX Strength  in crawfish  flavor.

It works well and so does the Baitfish and regular Crawdaddy scents. But one final bit of advise: Please, don't put any of it on crackers. It's not intended for human consumption.

For newcomers who don't know, the Mattawoman Creek is a tributary to the tidal Potomac River in Charles County, Md., and the launch ramps in Smallwood State Park are among the most popular launch sites on the entire river.

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