Monday, March 11, 2013

Good or bad weather, these fellows are willing to head offshore

Hunter Southall and a "lost" rockfish

Young Hunter Southall recently went fishing with Dr. Ken Neill and Wes Blow to search for some deepwater tautogs among the offshore wrecks, east of Virginia Beach. After running a good distance, Hunter dropped a clam bait for the 'togs and look who was there, a striper. What in the world was it doing so far from its usual inshore haunts? The striper was released.

Dr. Ken Neill and a fine tautog

Look at this whopper of a tautog. Dr. Ken Neill, the president of the Peninsula Salt Water Sport Fisherman's Association, is all smiles with such a catch. I'd be smiling too.

Mac McCormick caught this sea trout before the recent
nasty weather visited the East Coast

Virginia's Mac McCormick doesn't have to travel offshore for a little fishing action. Mac caught this fine spotted sea trout in the lower Bay's Elizabeth River.

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