Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It sometimes hurts to say goodbye, but I feel it must be done


After experiencing a number of perplexing days in which the paid-for advertisements on my web page suddenly disappeared, then reappeared later in the day, only to disappear again, then show up again, I have decided that by the end of March there'll be no more

Gene Mueller says goodbye to the web site on March 31
My decision is final. I can’t continue to worry about what might happen next to the web site. I’ve been told that nowadays such things are part of our cyber world, which may be true. However, they will not be part of my real world. The page will say goodbye for good on March 31. It is the only fair thing to do for the people who paid to have their advertisements prominently displayed.

Just last month 11,447 visits were made to the site. That's not bad, according to others who run web pages. In fact, one fishing web site owner says he’s happy if he gets 1,000 hits per month.

So, farewell as far as this site is concerned, but many of you have my e-mail address. Let’s always stay in touch. If I don't answer right away, it could be that I'm fishing in my new home waters, Lake Hartwell or Lake Keowee, in South Carolina.
                         Gene Mueller

P.S.: I want to send a special "Thank You" out to all the people who've called, sent e-mails, and wrote comments on the web site after seeing the announcement of my decision to cancel my web page by the end of March. I'm overwhelmed with the amount of support received from current web visitors and readers of various newspapers I wrote for over the past 45 years.


  1. Gene, say it ain't so!!!!!
    Have immensely enjoyed reading your informative and highly interesting articles. Thank you so much, and best wishes in your new home area/waters.

  2. Gene ,was sad to see your reports leave the Times and then found this site , now it to will end .I always prefered you to the other newspapers outdoors writer as you seemed more down to earth ( might have also been our shared Bavarian ancestry ). You have informed and inspired me as I grew as an outdoorsman ! Was sorry to see you leave Md. but can't say I could argue against your reasons- Owemalley #*/! Best of luck & health and enjoy retirement !

  3. Gene,I just starting reading your reports and articles a
    couple of years ago,I really enjoyed sit'n around with a
    cup of java in the morn'n reading the news and then your
    column. I wish you well and enjoy yourself down south, and
    happy fish'n and Thank you
    John C.

  4. I guess it's time you're put out to pasture. I'm an old goat, and I know you're older than me. I started reading your columns in the Washington Daily News in the early 60's. I followed you to the Star, Post and Washington Times and finally here. For a guy who obviously can't hold a job you have a pretty faithful following. I hate to see you go, but I wish you all the best. Tight lines to you, Mr Mueller.
    Bob M.

  5. Gene
    Take care my friend, have enjoyed the friendship. Rip some lips for me and enjoy the new adventure. Ron Edmonds

  6. Well this sucks.. now I'm going to have to read about Pohanka Nissan selling the best tow vehicles... Nissan Pathfinders from a guy giving fishing reports while sitting in his Alexandria home who hasn't fished in weeks...

    Or the other guy who is the self proclaimed saviour or the Potomac... so much so he nicknames creeks and coves after himeself...

    I'll just go back to dodging the NJ and PA boats... that are involved in the FLW tx's that ruin it for the local yocal's who fund the whole deal..

    Your voice of reason will be missed sir..

    Thanks for the many years, enjoy your full retirement sir!


  7. Thank you Gene for one of the best fishing blogs on the net, and it will be our loss when it ends. Best of luck to you while on and off the water, and in and out of the woods. I can't tell you enough how much I've enjoyed reading your pieces throughout the years in the newspaper and more recently here. I will be filling up your inbox though, you can count on that!

  8. Thanks, Oooogs......always enjoy your stuff and they say all good things come to an end.....sometimes I hate ends and change. Always enjoyed your misives and also the few times we got to spend in my boat together!