Sunday, March 17, 2013

Just what does a pro fishing guide do when he wants to relax?

What happens when one of the best fishing guides on the upper tidal Potomac River decides to take a couple of days off? He goes fishing somewhere else, hoping he doesn't have to run the boat and decide just where to cast his lures. Go figure.

The river guide Andy Andrzejewski with a Gaston bass
In the case of Andy Andrzejewski (his ad is on the left side of this page), the "Fishing Pole" headed south to Virginia’s beautiful Lake Gaston that straddles a portion of North Carolina. There he met his long-time fishing pal, Marty Magone. You’ve seen Marty’s picture on this web site many times, as has Andy’s.

The two climbed into Marty’s bass boat, which is kept at Andy’s and Marty’s good friend Dez Rubesch’s boat house at the lake. Now let’s see what Marty had to report.

Marty Magone shows off one of his Lake Gaston bass
"It was a strange, yet typical, day on Lake Gaston for Andy
and myself," he began. "We started out strong, with the Rapala SR 7 ShadRap in the shad color being the hot lure. The water temperature was 48 degrees, yet we had to hang on to salvage the day, fishing main lake points above Great Creek. Right off the bat we had a solid 4-pound bass, followed by Andy losing the biggest fish of the day on a jerkbait. It took off and could not be turned. From then on we had to scratch for three bass and a pickerel."

Andy also latched onto a chain pickerel
The duo went back onto the water a day later, but the fishing didn't exactly explode, if you know what I mean. "We did manage five bass and a large shad on ShadRap crankbaits and jerkbaits this morning but the true highlight had nothing to do with largemouths," reported Marty. "After hearing the weather report that rain would not be arriving until late in the afternoon, we convinced ourselves that rain gear wasn't needed. Enter the clouds and showers at 9 a.m. Then a 'general alarm' sounded when nature called and we had to make an emergency toilet run. Fishing finally resumed at 10:15. The trip didn't produce a citation bass, but all the same we had a great time yakking and casting. The bass were a bonus."

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