Friday, March 29, 2013

No one helped more with this web site than these valued friends

Gene says it's almost time to say farewell to the web site
As March 31 approaches when I say farewell to all our many web site visitors, something needs to be said as concerns the production of a web page. You simply can't do it alone and succeed beyond your wildest dreams. First on the list is Ceilon Aspensen, whose Code Rustlers, Inc., web design talents and the many times she helped when I was totally lost will never be forgotten. Thank you, Ceilon, from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you, Andy Andrzejewski
Then come all the men and women anglers who've supplied me with information and photos over time. Without them, I would have needed to rely on my personal exploits alone, which would never have filled the pages day in and day out. (If you've noticed, I tried to publish something new and fresh every day of the week. Other web sites often leave their content up for a week or more before publishing new material.)

Many of the following are dear friends. On top of the list is Andy Andrzejewski, a professional fishing guide who lives in La Plata, Md. Andy plies the waters of the tidal Potomac River where I spent more time fishing with him than anyone else. Andy's skill in finding bass, crappies, Chinese snakeheads, sunfish, perch and catfish for me and my cameras is hard to describe. The man who supplied me with material for countless columns in The Washington Times and my web site is phenomenally talented. Thank you, Andy!

Thank you, Dale Knupp
Let's not forget Dale and Nancy Knupp, also of La Plata, Md. This husband-and-wife fishing couple are not only good friends, they also are super anglers who on many occasions in the past delivered the goods when I needed to hook a bass, fat perch, crappie or other species. I remember the time when Dale marked rather large fish under the boat in Nanjemoy Creek and figured they might be carp. “Let's see if we can't get one on a Sting Ray grub.” The lure would normally be thought to be too large for carp, but Dale did it several times. I wrote an article about such unusual carp catches and sold it to a magazine.

Thank you, Nancy Knupp
There also is our good friend Marty Magone, who lives on the shores of Lake Gaston, Va., but who also fishes the tidal Potomac River whenever possible. There have been times when this fine angler and all-around cut-up went out in the worst weather possible to catch bass and stripers --- and he delivered the goods. If you ever meet him, ask him to tell you about his rain room, or the Scuppernong River incident.

Another good friend and happy fisherman is Bob Lunsford, the now retired former director of Maryland's Freshwater Fisheries and tidal water bass for the state's DNR. 

Thank you, Bob Lunsford
Many of us have always thought that Bob would have made a fine Secretary of Natural Resources, but I guess he was more fond of sport anglers than commercial netters. It might have presented problems had he become the boss. Bob fishes for walleyes in the upper Potomac, bass in the tidal rivers, redfish in the Southeastern U.S., and anything else that beckons for his visits.

Thank you, Marty Magone
In matters of coastal and lower Chesapeake Bay saltwater fishing, no one supplied better information than two Virginia Beach area dentists – Drs. Julie Ball and Ken Neill. Between these two well-known fishing dentists, who also are sportfishing activists often seen at outdoors shows, TV clips and in magazines, I was never short of material when I needed news from the Bay and ocean. Also, a special thanks to Dr. Neill who supplied me frequently with high-quality fishing photos.

Speaking of the Chesapeake Bay, in Maryland no one was more helpful than Ken Lamb of the Tackle Box in Lexington Park, as well as Michael and Christy Henderson of Buzz's Marina (both businesses are located in St. Mary's County). Those three supplied our web site with hundreds of photos and useful fishing news. Thank you Christy, Michael and Ken!

Thank you, Dick Fox
Before I forget, I must also tip the old fishing hat to Front Royal's Dick Fox and Virginia fisheries biologist John Odenkirk. Dick Fox and I have spent some happy hours fishing on the Shenandoah and Rappahannock rivers and when I wasn't with him he would send photos and information on places where he caught bass, ranging from the historic Shenandoah to Florida's Lake Okeechobee. He has been a good friend for many years and we will stay in touch. The same goes for John Odenkirk who perhaps is the most knowledgeable man in the country as concerns the unwanted presence of the Potomac River's snakehead population. John is an expert on Chinese snakeheads as well as all local fish species. His counsel and information was much appreciated.

Thank you, Dr. Ken Neill
In matters of my hunting, there are only two persons that I must always be thankful for: Dr. Peter Malnati and his wife, Gail. "Doc" Malnati and Gail allowed me free run of their sizable property. Over the years Doc and I, along with good friends Bob Rice, Dean Lee and Dr. Howard Haft, hunted and shot many deer and squirrels -- although the wild turkeys usually made a fool of me.  Thank you, Doc, for the wonderful times and the freedom you allowed me to have on your property.

Thank you, Dr. Julie Ball
I will always be thankful for friends like Al, Francis and Mike Guy who made sure my boat ran smoothly and if anything wasn't right, they knew how to quickly take care of it. Thank you, Guy family.

Other people too numerous to mention also deserve my gratitude. They've supported my efforts to bring anglers and hunters a fairly informative and entertaining view of our outdoors endeavors. 

I hope I succeeded.


  1. Gene we also want to Thank You for telling it like it is and providing us some great reading...

  2. Thanks for the many years of fishing lore. Your love of the sport and the outdoors has always shone through. Your good humor and quick wit will be missed by many readers. I wish you a wonderful retirement and wish you were still her in Maryland with your biggest fan. Pax River Sunny