Monday, March 18, 2013

So you go crappie fishing, but later on Murphy's Law takes over

Fred and one of his crappies
Fred Fox, who lives in Charles County, Md., likes to go fishing in the Mallows Bay area of the tidal Potomac River. With a tiny red-and-white grub, a bobber snapped to the line a few feet up to keep the lure from from snagging the bottom, Fred manages just fine.

However, on the way back to his house one of Fred's johnboat trailer wheels acted up and sidelined our friend. This is not one of those mishaps that can be changed in a couple of minutes. But Fred is one of those tough fellows who'll face fate whenever nasty stuff comes at him. In other words, when the chips are down, he's a good guy to have on your side.

A big SNAFU happened and Fred was in trouble
My worst boat trailer incident happened some years ago when I launched my 18-foot broad aluminum bass boat during an ebb tide and I had to back down the ramp into the water to a point where the trailer wheels slipped off the edge of the paved ramp. I couldn't pull the trailer back up without help. I was hung up. Assistance finally arrived in the form of two good friends who came down to the river to go fishing. They waded into the muck and lifted the trailer with strong arms while I drove until I had firm concrete back under the trailer wheels. I parked my vehicle  and went fishing. Upon my return the tide had begun to rise again and then it was a cinch to load the boat.

The life of a fisherman isn't always a lot of fun. Remember, if something can go wrong -- it will. That's Murphy's Law.

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