Monday, March 25, 2013

The trials and tribulations of a tough fellow fishing in bad weather

Self portrait of Marty with a bass  caught in the sleet
Anyone who has ever visited this web site will be familiar with my friend, Marty Magone, and his exploits fishing with our mutual pal Andy Andrzejewski in the Potomac River (with me occasionally joining them), or by himself in Lake Gaston, Va.

However, not all fishermen are fanatic enough to go out onto a big lake in wind, rain and sleet --- but Marty doesn't care. He's a former Marine and he also believes that in a past life he might have been a Teutonic warrior wearing a winged helmet, bear fur leggings and all, or he was Curly, one of the Three Stooges. We're still trying to figure out which of the two he might have been.

See the sleet on the boat seat and the carpeting?
Anyway, Marty went out yesterday when every weatherman in the middle Atlantic states asked folks to stay indoors. But Marty sent the following message: “Sleet, rain, wind --- what the heck. Sorry about the photos. The weather went south fast. I caught a few bass in Great Creek on Rapala SR7 crank baits." 

Marty also asked me if I had ever gone out in my boat with a thermos bottle of coffee that didn't have the stopper screwed in place. In fact, there was no stopper. All he had was the screw-on cup. "What a *******  mess," he said. The word he used wouldn't be proper to repeat on a family web site. In fact, I'm still embarrassed because there's a photo of my mother in my wallet.

Another bass was caught and an unsmiling Marty hoists it

A note about feeling bad because the photos weren't the clearest and best. Marty, brother, by now everybody knows that you shoot pictures of yourself because no one is brave enough to go out with you down in southern Virginia. (Andy and I would, but we weren't available.)

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