Tuesday, March 26, 2013

While the weather is atrocious let's have fun with wacky friends

Who among us doesn't have a fishing or hunting pal that acts a little wacky now and then? Heck, I've been accused of it while deer hunting, sitting in a huge pitch-roofed tree house 14 feet up in a powerful oak. It happened while I was sitting on one of the bench seats when a friend I was with said he believed in American Indian prayers, promptly mumbling, "Oh, great Manitou, send me a buck." I handed him two quarters and asked, "Will half a buck do?"

He sat on the bench seat pouting for quite a while.

Marty is practicing the ancient art of fish stalking
I've also known fishing captains who swore that they could smell fish. Not only that, they could smell the species they were after. I've been with
charter fishing captain Eddie Davis down in St. Mary's County, Md., looking for sea trout when Capt. Eddie suddenly said, "They're here. Right here. I can smell 'em." Sure enough, we'd start jigging bucktails in 20 feet of water and 'bang!' a grey trout would hammer the lure. What we forgot was Eddie's great skill in reading a depth sounder and seeing tell-tale splotches of a fish school under us.

Did the ancient art of fish stalking result in this bass?
Now enter my pal Marty Magone (you saw his pictures on yesterday's blog). Marty again went out on Virginia's Lake Gaston the very day he graced our web page. He said, "Today was all about patience. The main lake water temperatures dropped five degrees. I found nothing on the rocky points, then went into Great Creek and tried some wind-blown points, using a Rapala crankbait. Eventually, a 5-lb., 8-oz. beauty nailed it. The water temperature in the creek was 47."

What Marty forgot to mention was the ancient art of stalking bass and his new-found ability to do it properly. The big fellow has said, "I know where they hang out, so I begin to stalk them until the moment is right for me to execute a perfect cast and --- well you know the rest." The rest is him holding up a bass in a photo that he shoots of himself.

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  1. Great post, had me laugh and nod in agreement at the end!