What People Are Saying About Gene Mueller

"There's a new website up and running now that should be of prime interest to hunters and fishermen and just anyone else who loves to be outdoors.

You'll find a wealth of information on topics ranging from using digital trail cameras for a successful hunt to what's going on this very week with the menhaden fishery in Virginia or you might learn about possible new places to fish right around us in the dead of winter at www.genemuellerfishing.com.

Gene Mueller is the master of this site and this man has had a long lifetime of successful fishing and hunting outings, plus he has been a professional and nationally respected outdoors writer now for many decades.

Mueller lives right here in Southern Maryland, and this new website should be nothing but a joy to read by all Southern Marylanders with useful and local information updated every week.

Check it out. I'm pretty confident you'll bookmark the site and come back to see what he has to say a couple of times every week." -- From James Drake's column in The Maryland Independent, posted 1/25/2011: http://www.somdnews.com/stories/01212011/entemor162744_32334.shtml